Entry #5

Heyaa ! The new medal system rocks !

2009-03-24 11:32:20 by Myst

Now I don't have to spend all my time on kongregate ! Let's just hope it gets as efficient and popular here.


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2009-03-30 18:00:20

Yeah, but pretty soon it'll be just another meaningless stat.

Myst responds:

Well, I see much more diversity and fun in playing games than voting on the portal. I don't think it can really compare :)


2009-04-08 17:09:53

I still haven't played any of the medal games yet. I kind of like being the only active user around with no medals on my userpage. It makes me feel unique. :P

But I'll probably cave sooner or later, I know it.


2009-08-09 11:27:29

Heyaa !


2009-10-04 03:35:07

Wow. Tell me your voting power? You can probably decide fate of Underjudgement flashes with a single vote!


2009-12-17 20:38:33



2009-12-22 15:02:34

It's great! I got a bunch of medals!
I hunt them everyday. It's a useless stat (no additional power), but
I am proud of my medal page. I think it's a personal glory.
I hope it will unlock secret as Exp. Points.


2010-04-24 22:57:29

It will


2011-01-12 11:02:20

It's still in beta so there might be new additions to the medal system. I hope so.