Now I don't have to spend all my time on kongregate ! Let's just hope it gets as efficient and popular here.

It's sad that the only thing I ever write about is me leveling up ...
One might think it's the only fucking thing I do on newgrounds. He'd be half right (I rack up B/P points as well ... but since EGBG is still a few hundred points away, might not get it before some time ...)

Also, big thanks to Alrd for watching over my account. Very nice guy by the way, look for him ^^

And now to level 42, yeepee

2008-03-07 11:20:06 by Myst

I am so original in my posts.

Getting to level 40

2007-09-01 16:01:41 by Myst

Yaiy !

Enjoying the fun of having my own page ...

2007-07-28 20:17:38 by Myst

Since I've been out of the site for almost two months, I don't expect anyone to see this soon. So, basically I'm just testing it.

One extra inch for your e-penis if your reply to this message before my next BBS post.